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Mods Rules for dealing with members

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Posted 03 October 2010 - 10:26 PM

1. No more warnings by PM only. If a members is sent a PM, warning them to stop then it must also be posted in the thread so all members can see that the member was warned.

2. A member will get 3 warnings to stop , we have to use the warn box for this to work. If you warn them then hit the warn box so the rest of us know that he or she has been warned.
Only exception to this is not speaking English, we still need to remind them but I dont see it as a reason to ban someone.

3. After the 3rd warning a member will be suspended from posting for one week. After they come back the warn level goes back to zero and it starts over. If it happens a 2nd time they get two weeks out. If it happens a 3rd time , then they get banned and no amount of begging will get them back in.

4. If I feel the offense warrants I will ban a member at any time I see fit no matter where they are in the warning level.

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