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Want to Connect w/Person Arriving USA -> Cebu Airport Soon

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 03:48 PM

Looking to meet couples also: See BELOW.


My FIRST objective is for someone to carry a letter to me from the USA.  It has no value to anyone but me and I'd like to get it without trusting it to any mail system.  I'll meet you at the airport and give you a ride to any place you like in Cebu City. ;-)


I was planning on going to the USA with my fiancee before Christmas but TB screening has slammed the brakes on that one.  Looks like February at least now.  Waiting for that second NEGATIVE.  I am staying in the Philippines until she is cleared to travel no matter how long that takes.


BELOW: Would also like to meet couples located ANYWHERE in the USA and/or in Cebu City.  When we do get to the USA we will full-time RV for a couple years and would like for my Filipina to have a couple girlfriends to speak Visaya with (or Cebuano) as we travel around.  She has a few relatives in the USA already, but girlfriends are different than family.


So if you like to grill and have fun company we will bring the karaoke setup if you don't have one.

Her: 20 something... From CDO and countryside, Cebu City, intelligent & quick witted, kicks butt at Tetris Battle, got tricked into loving HIM.

Him: 40 something...  Lived all around courtesy of US Army.  From Wisconsin & now Georgia/Florida mostly.  Kicks butt at Texas Hold'em Poker (for fake money) and water volleyball.

Couple is currently living in Philippines, Cebu City, Guadalupe.


Both are optimistic romantics and like to hangout with the same.  Can't handle "kill joys"; life is too short.  Our travel plans for the USA so far; Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Kansas, Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington (state), more...

We have camping sites available to us in all these places so you don't have to worry about a travel trailer showing up in your driveway.  You know, like in Christmas Vacation!! hee hee hee

GregOry & Taring
19 APR 12 - Arrived in Philippines to STAY until the VISA is ready.
11 MAY – EMAIL NOTIFICATION “… received and routed to the Vermont Service Center for processing.”
1 NOV 12 - APPROVED - Post Decision Activity (email notification DID NOT happen - found out by checking status at USCIS site)
14 NOV - Called NVC: # assigned and sent to Manila embassy 13 Nov.

19 NOV - Physical - Sputum collection ordered & completed by 23 Nov  :-( :-(  Interview canceled!

28 NOV - Negative initial result on sputum  :-) Waiting 2 months for culture result.  NEG please

7 DEC - Positive Culture. Called to St. Lukes; appointment Tues 11 DEC :-( Ohhh well

11 DEC - Moved to Manila for TB treatment.

15 MAR 13 - The Clinic Does Not Inform the Patients Well.  Ask Questions if You have Them.

10 JUN - Finished treatment and waiting for 1 month for final culture negative. 

11 JUL 13 - Back to SLEC for re-Physical (pay fee again).  Final culture result of 10 JUL requires entry to USA within 90 days.

22 JUL - Back to SLEC for vaccinations.


20 AUG - Still WAITING.  Status said "Administrative Processing" then "Ready" (for interview) then "Administrative Processing" then "Ready" again and the "Case Creation Date" changed to 16 August 2013 from November 2012?  "Check in two business days."

23 AUG - Updated to "Administrative Processing" again :-(

26 AUG - ISSUED - YEAH! ! ! :D

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