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#1 Julie_Ann

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Posted 04 August 2006 - 05:56 AM

hello! at last im already through with my medical and cfo.

i arrived in manila at 6 am of august 2, 2006; WEDNESDAY. i headed to Hotel Soriente for 1,340 per day. I took a bath immediately and got dressed. walked a little steps and there i am in st. lukes clinic. In front of it is the official photo studio accredited by the US embassy. the name is REUJOY photo studio. i took 8 copies for 180 pesos. A staff of st. lukes clinic on the gate was handing out PDS forms and DS 156k and the Flowchart/Procedure of the first and second day of your medical. you will show him your passport, a photocopy and/ of your original appointment letter. i filled out those questions with red checks only.
example questions:
prior country: philippines
intended date of departure for US: (you have to put a specific month)*make a guess....
port of entry: (i putted LAX (los angeles)
nearest relative in the US: (if you dont have any. u can put your fiance in there)

DS 156k- will obliged you to answer those with red checks also. on the bottom of the page where do not write below this line is...you should put the name of your petitioner and your signature.
another example: subscribed and sworn to before me this 02 day of august, 2006 at St. lukes clinic
leave the united states consular officer alone.
-paste one visa pic to your PDS form. when u have completed filling the forms. they will let you in and stamped your hand with the st. lukes seal.
-they will give you a priority number (i was number 88 at 7:50 am). i sitted and waited for my number to be called at the very first counter in the ground floor. i went to the picture taking room and went back to the counter again. here was where i surrendered my first priority number. they checked the forms i filled out if i missed something in there. they will let you sign on your papers every now and then. just be sure that the signature you will be using is the same with the signature in your passport. they have to give you back your original appointment letter. the lady in the counter encoded my data's and instructed me to go to the fifth floor for payment.

FIFTH FLOOR- PAYMENT-Fall in line as soon as you arrive from the elevator. (I paid 4,940 pesos. they will not accept payment in dollars or in any other forms. Instructed me to go to the third floor for x-ray. i began using the stairs this time because the elevator is always unavailable and i dont want any delay.)

THIRD FLOOR- i directly went to a table in front. showed my passport with my papers and receipt. she asked me to fill out another forms. signed it and answered her questions about the first day of my last menstruation....etc. she told me she will just call me so i had to sit for a while. then i was called and given a priority number and directly headed to a room where ladies were wearing laboratory gowns. i was made to remove my necklace and all of my top clothes with the gown on. when it was my turn, i had to sign a paper, she asked me if i had xrays before...i said no..and she made me put my chin on the apparatus and my two hands on my hips. 5 seconds in there. i was trough and putted my clothes again. this time i just have kept my necklace bcoz i will just removed them again on my physical exam.

- LABORATORY (for blood/Urine tests)-went to a counter where i was given a paper to fill up. name was called.. i headed to a room on the left. the nurse took blood from me and putted it in a little container the counter gave to me. i was not lookin...a little bit ouchy!...the guy said he has to take another Blood because he did not able to take anything from his first attempt. i almost cried...he was laughing and told me that i was finished already..thanks god he was just teasin....grrr :P i went to a table with little plastic container where i was directed to a Comfort Room for my urine.

- US counter. EYE EXAM, WEIGHT& HEIGHT, BP RAte & heart rate..(In any Order)
-I gave my papers to the height and weight section first, next was the eye exam...last was the BP & heart rate.

*PHYSICAL EXAM- you will go back to the US counter and u will show them your papers. they gave me priority number and directed me to a room.... when it was my turn, the lady doctor asked me questions and made me undress completely. while i was removing my clothes, she was askin me too many questions where all of my answers falls to NO and NEVER. she checked my wrists, breast, my belly, she did not touch anything on my lower part. she just made me stretched my legs for her to see my in between.., then i layed on my back...and she told me to get dressed....lasted for 2 minutes. grr..embarrassing..but im just fine.. :lol:

*-IMMUNIZATION INTERVIEW- (US Counter for paper checking). Gave me priority number and directed me to a room for the immunization interview. the doctor asked me if i had measles before i said yes when i was 5. she was askin for at least a marked..i can't find anythin so she decided to give me two shots. MMR and VaRicella the next day.

THIRD FLOOR- check out counter where you will give your papers. the very last thing to go to on your first day. the lady gave me back the passport and receipt and told me to go back the next day at 10 am.

11:30 in the morning finished.

I ate lunch and rushed to the PRISMF in malate for my guidance and counseling seminar.
Address: 2nd floor equitable PCI bank building 2422 taft avenue malate, metro mnl.
tel. nos. (632) 525-3114
(632) 525-3783
(632) 525-4314
fax no. (632) 525-3114
in front of de la salle university; along taft avenue.

I arrived at 12:40. The guard let me sign in a logbook.I went to the second floor. The lady asked for a photocopy of my NBI and BIRth cert. and its originals for their references..gosh! i brought everything and they only have asked me two documents? i wanted to tell them hellooo! i brought with me a notarized letter of parental consent...aren't u going to ask them to me? ..duhhh!. They gave me forms to fill up.

Sample questions:
educational attainment of your fiance: (what courses finished?)
maiden name of your fiances mother
address of fiance in US
nearest relative in the philippines: (i putted mama's name)
is your fiance divorced? how many times? citizenship of his previous wife?

when the forms are completely filled up, I went to a guy in a room for picture taking and you will be paying 250 pesos for the seminar. Be sure that you smile to be pretty on the photo for this is meant for a lifetime...hehe
at 1:30, all of us were made to watched a reported case from Magandang Gabi Bayan, a case of a 27 years old filipina who married a swiss? if i am not mistaken, her penpal upon meeting him for just a month....she came to be a past time favorite toy of her husband. she was made to posed for pictures completely disrobed. she dedided to wrote a letter for her family about her situation... once, her husband made her posed to an igloo for hours naked, where she was freezing in death. hmmm after the film viewing.. we were seperated based from the country of our interests. US bounds were taken to the US room where a very cool and kind woman, the counselor chit chat with us. we are all 3 . the other 2 was already married. then another one came in. the counselor told us that this 23 years old lady was there since monday. they dont give her a certificate because she had inconsistent stories. she was asked about the the job of her fiance, she would answer "sabi nya po ganito ang trabaho niya ngayon. yan ang sabi nya. is he divorced? "sabi nya po di naman", she would also answer you different from what you've been asking her. the only thing we're askin' is why she has been issued a visa. yes..she already had a visa. she was done with her interview and she made it...hmm..curious... :D on the counseling..its not so formal because the counselor is only talking about the procedure in NAIA on the day of our flight. what not supposed to be brought on the plane....what should we do in case our partners change.....domestic violence, verbal abused....where to go to..what number to call...etc..etc....age differences....MY GIRL...haha..yes..the couselor is also fond of watching MY GIRL..hmm
after the seminar..only the three of us were given the yellow certificate of attendance. be sure that your name is correctly spelled on the paper. after that. the counselor directed us to go to the main office of the CFO in quirino for the real lifetime GREEN certificate.

Address: CFO main office
citigold center-1354 president quirino avenue corner south superhighway manila.

- the guard asked us for a valid ID in exchange for an ID card. they dont have any priority number here as what ive thought. I directly headed to the counter. the guy asked for a photocopy of the yellow cetificate from the PRISMF.... and another photocopy of my birth certificate. there is a xer0x machine on the left side of the road outside.....
you will be paying 400 pesos for the green guidance and counseling certificate. after that i went back to the hotel and rested.

finshed at 4:30 pm--i was so tired..i just had a glance of Robinson/Sm Manila...i did not able to come back to window shop...i had slept. i woke up at 10..too late to go out of hotel.. my mom bought my dinner ready as i woke up.


I went there at 9:45 am.
i thought i will be directly heading for my immunization. the guard looked for my name in the masterlist. my name was not there so he told me to drop my receipt on counter A. a guy took my receipt and told me to just take my seat and my name will just be called. wow! its already 2:30 and my name hasnt been called yet. the one i came to be with the first day had her immunization first. hmm so everyone doesnt have the same procedure i'm thinking...... my new friend pushed my back to Counter A and i just realized my self asking a favor to the guy in the counter to make a follow up with my papers. he made me wrote my name in a piece of paper and he went somewhere.... at 3:30 pm my name was called on the 2nd floor for my immunization..thanks god at last..hmm a wink of an eye for the guy who made the follow up.. again i was asked if i already have had measles. i said yes but cannot give them any marked because i cant find anything...so they gave me two shots. one in each of my arms. i was instructed to stay for 30 minutes on the 2nd floor to see if there will be bad effects from the vaccines given to me. the releasing will be after 2 to 3 hours. after 30 minutes, i went to the ground floor again, to the releasing counter.....A to G counters... my name was called in counter F at 4:45 where 2 visa photos was asked from me with my passport. write your name and manila case number at the back of your photos..then i waited again for the final round. at 5:25..my name was called in counter B, this is where my X-ray result was given, the lady instructed me to bring it in US. and told me bout the result of my vaccinations... she told me they will be the one who will forward the medical results and passport in US embassy and gave me a paper...a copy of my vaccination report..so if you did not able to understand her explanation about your vaccine..you can read the paper she will give to you as your copy. then i was told that i am already free to leave the clinic. outside, there are big plastc envelopes where u can put your x ray result so it will be neatly kept. price ranges from 30 to 40 pesos.

age: 20
Vaccination Documentation Worksheet
DT/DTP/DTaP- not age appropriate/not routinely available
TD- Not routinely available in the philippines-----will take this in US
Polio (OPV/PV) not age appropriate
Measles (or MR or MMR)/-vaccine given
Mumps (or MMR)/-vaccine given
Rubella (or MR or MMR)-vaccine given
Hib- not age appropriate
HEPA B- not age appropriate
VARICELLA- Vaccine given/ insufficient time interval---2nd shot might be given in US..
Pneumococcal- not age appropriate
Influenza- not age appropriate

Note Below:
*there are many hotels and Inns near St. lukes.. San carlos mansion is also just a few steps from st. lukes. 800 pesos per room is positive...but they often went unavailable so be sure before you go there to call them for a reservation.
*you will not be lost on your medical because aside from the flowchart the clinic will gave you, staff will be telling you the next thing to do and where you have to go to..you have to be attentive to what they tell you because almost all of them doesnt have time to repeat their instructions. always tell them good morning even if you doesnt feel to because their busy faces turns to smilin' face..
*just follow their instructions because i'll tell you they are always right..and dont ever be ashamed to ask them for follow up if you think you are already staying there for the whole day without any development on your processing.
* i might not able to tell you all because im not that intelligent enough to remember every details of my medical... but i hope this will be a help to those of you who will just be having their medical and cfo. the things unsaid here are left for you to share also. good luck and god bless...

my thanks to my new friends in manila....specially to my ate myrna...for pushing my back to make a follow up and for your yummy cloud 9 when i couldnt stand my hunger anymore...
i wish u luck...i wish i can help u but ur case is very complicated....hope you are enjoyed reading this....

hmm for those of you who wonder what im talking about ...goes like this
her fiance filed her a fiance petition. on february, her fiance went back here and married her. the marriage was registered. the problem is that..she was continously processing the application. her interview date will be on the 8th of this month...tsk...im tellin her you have to cancel the petition now and advice your HUSBAND (now) to file the legal petition for you which is the K3. she told me she had read about the I-145 change of status wherein she will just wait for her case to be denied and will file the said processing later..i told her..that wont do because I-145 might only be applicable for immigrants and you will have a record of denial then. and you might be banned from entering the US. ate LOlali said...Innocence is not excusable by law. COme what may! i wish u luck....

*julie* :D

#2 dmanace

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Posted 04 August 2006 - 01:15 PM


Thanks for posting your experience but i do have one question. I always thought that CFO will not give you your certifcate unless you have your visa with you?



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Posted 04 August 2006 - 03:13 PM

hi julie,

thanks for sharing your medical and cfo experience, i am sure lots of people would learn from it! keep posting!

see you around,

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Posted 04 August 2006 - 03:55 PM


Thanks for posting your experience but i do have one question. I always thought that CFO will not give you your certifcate unless you have your visa with you?


They will give you your certificate. Visa requirement is needed when you are about to leave the country and you need the CFO sticker thus you need to get back to CFO office for this once your visa is released.

#5 dmanace

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Posted 04 August 2006 - 04:54 PM

hi julie,

thanks for sharing your medical and cfo experience, i am sure lots of people would learn from it! keep posting!

see you around,

Ahhh ok! that make sense...thanks for clarifying that beautymagz.


#6 Julie_Ann

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Posted 05 August 2006 - 12:54 AM

yes guys. after you are done with the guidance and counseling seminar they will give you a yellow certificate of attendance and then they will tell you to go to the main office of the CFO in quirino. right there, you will give them your yellow certificate and you will pay 400 pesos for them to give you another GREEN certificate which you will need to bring with you when you go back when you already have your visa.....yes..that's the last thing needed to do.... to go back there for the last time to get the sticker which i presumed has another fee to pay. i dont know how much it is because they kept changing the process..see that i was also wonderin why i have to go there in CFO main for another cerificate...all of the experiences i read tells that after the seminar..all you got to do is wait for you to have your visa, the time when you can go back there for the sticker that's why we shall always be updated.

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Posted 05 August 2006 - 06:16 AM

Hello Julie,

I'm glad to see you survived your medical. :D Joynelyn had told me about your post and wanted me
to read it. I thought you did an excellent job at telling your experience and I'm certain it shall help
many who read your post.

God Bless
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02-09-2006 I-129f picked up by TSC
02-15-2006 I-797C, NOA1 Notice Date from CSC
02-17-2006 Money Order for I-129f fee cashed
02-19-2006 Touched
02-21-2006 My Beloved gets her NBI Clearance. NOA1 in mail
03-16-2006 My Beloved gets her CFO cert.
05-08-2006 Touched
05-09-2006 Touched & Approved. NOA2 dated May 8, 2006
05-13-2006 Official NOA2 in mail
05-22-2006 NVC sent petition to Manila
09-25-2006 Interview APPROVED!
12-31-2006 My Beloved Arrives Home
01-09-2007 Obtained our Marriage License
01-25-2007 Married
================AOS Application
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06-25-2007 My Beloved gets her GC

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#8 Sweet_Butterfly

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Posted 05 August 2006 - 08:13 AM

Hi Julie,

Yes, at last you finished your medical examination and CFO already. Well, at the next day after you had done your medical exam I kept waitng here at WOF to see any post from you for I am so excited to hear from your experiences, well, you did it my friend. I appreciate you very much that you spent your efforts just writing your detailed experiences. And "YOU ARE IN TO ME FOR THAT MY FRIEND."

So how is your injections? Ilang shots nga ulit? Masakit ba? Sabi ko na nga ba na KAYA MO YAN kasi yan si Julie matapang ( Ay........matapang sa daldalan. he he he he he :blink: :D ). Joke joke joke. huwag kang magalit ka kasi bawal nakasimangot "MAGCLUSIVOL". ha ah aha ha :D :D :D from Aga's advertisement yon ha!


Take care.

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#9 Julie_Ann

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Posted 05 August 2006 - 09:46 AM

thank you joy and phil. i did my best to finish my main purpose in manila. though i am so tired of my medical the first day, i went there in CFO to have it done also. i just had a glance of manila bay. :P i thought i can walk right there for a few minutes but its ok. maybe on my interview i will have the chance to visit nice places in manila. i had 2 shots joy.. :D me not afraid. :blink: i just keep tellin myself "i hate my fiance that's y i survived the blood extraction...it doesnt hurt that much. :o todo ang aircon sa st. lukes joy. on your medical, you should eat first before going there because u might not be able to go out to eat na. heavy dapat tsaka u should bring candies on your second day. you might be waiting there for hours...i will go back in manila on the 20th next month..im not excited :D . i will be meeting you there joy. you will be tired of me telling so many stories.. :o :D ..im so tired of my medical...i had fever today. i was lying in bed for two days now. and also cough and cold..but im just ok. cannot eat ice cream for days. mama doesnt want to. :D :o

#10 JLW36



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Posted 05 August 2006 - 11:51 PM

Hi Julie,
I read your Medical Experience. Thank you for sharing it to us.
Get well soon...kulit!

My Daugther's IR2 Visa Timeline

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October 07-Received USCIS acceptance of Application by e-mail
October 12, 2011-Received Notice of Action by Mail
April 27,2012-Finally Petition is approved!
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May 29,2012-NVC assigned Manila Case Number MNL2012XXXXXX
May 30,2012-Assigned myself as the Choice of Agent for (DS3032)
June 3,2012-Received and Paid AOS Bill Invoice Bill
June 7,2012-Registered as The Choice of agent
June 7,2012-Receieved and Paid Immigrant Visa Application Bill Invoice
June 10,2012-Complete/signed forms DS230, Affidavit of Support I-864, I-864A
June 26,2012-Mailed all required documents to NVC
July 11,2012-NVC Case Complete!
Aug 6 & 7 - Medical Schedule
Aug 15 - Interview Appointment @ 6:15AM
Aug 15 - Interview Approved.
Aug 23 - Visa/Packet Received
Oct 15 - Bound for PI to pick her up.
October 31, 2012 - Our(POE)Atlanta, Ga.

November 12, 2012- She got her 10 years Greencard

N-400 (U.S Citizenship)
March 08,2011-Mailed package Application for U.S Citizenship
March 17-Receipt Notice (Form I-797C)Received by E-mail
March 21-Recieved I-797C by mail
April 12-Biometrics @ 8AM
August 4-Interview @ 8:40AM. Interview & Oath taking the same day.

I-751 Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence
June 01,2009-Submit my application (VSC)
June 12-Received NOA 1
June 19-Received Biometrics Appointment
July 08-Biometrics Schedule
Oct 25-Request for the removal of condition approved
Oct 29-Production of the new card
Nov 07-Got my 10 years Greencard

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#11 cel_michael

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Posted 05 August 2006 - 11:56 PM

Hello Julie,

Congrats! thanks for posting your medical & cfo experiences. that helps alot to me. :) :) :)

Question: Yong taga CFO interviewer ba did they ask you lots of question?

#12 Julie_Ann

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Posted 06 August 2006 - 12:21 AM

Hello Julie,

Congrats! thanks for posting your medical & cfo experiences. that helps alot to me. :) :D :D

Question: Yong taga CFO interviewer ba did they ask you lots of question?

hello.. :) yes. the lady counselor asked me about the past relationships of my fiance. :) i told her my fiance was divorced 2 times already. american and chinese. i did not tell her the other one. the truth is that my fiance has another one. a filipina. i just declared two. :) :) :) but on my interview, i will tell the consul about all of his previous marriages if he ask me to. hm be sure also to know about the religion of your fiance because they will ask you about it.

Kulit is ok nah. i took alaxan. i ate sa mcdo. the ulam has datu pati. i sung in extreme magic sing. im drinking san miguel now. i wore burlington. mamaya i will eat magnolia delight. :P pakyaw! pakyaw! pakyaw! :P

#13 Julie_Ann

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Posted 06 August 2006 - 06:11 AM


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Posted 16 April 2011 - 02:41 PM

I made this post for annulled women like me...

I had my first day of medical at slec yesterday, april 13, 2011, i was in the slec building, 9:30am, my pretty cousin accompanied me. I dont have eligible letter bcoz i didnt waited for it... i dont have scan copy of my noa2 and nvc letter either, i just show the guard the letter that slec replied me and my 2 e-notification from USCIS and NVC. The guard stamped my right arm the blue ink and he gave me the PDS form and instructed me to it fill up and give it to the US reception which is on the right side corner on the ground floor.

US Reception- where i submitted my PDS form and the lady there put all my my informations on the computer, i had my finger scanning and picture.After that the lady there told me to proceed to the 5th flr.

5th flr.- i went straight to the cashier and paid for my medical fee and they told me to proceed to 4th flr.

4th flr.- where i did my urine and blood test...

3rd flr.- where i did my chest x-ray

5th flr.- where i did my eye check test, weight and height...waiting.... then vital sign.. waiting again..... physical exam....i was sent to a nice doctor, room no. 7, she asked about medical history and some medical related question... she checked my body.. breast, arms, front and behind (lol).. but she noticed my very little rashes on my right arm that is the reason why i was referred to a dermatologist and also bcoz i am annulled i was referred to under-go the psychological evaluation, i am the petitioner but i am also found psychologically incapacitated.i went again to 5th flr. and instructed me to go to the Ground flr.

Ground flr.- went to window M, to famous Mr. Clark Kent..lol, he instructed me what i need to do.. and he scheduled me for an evaluation today at 8am.

i was out at slec building at 1:15pm.. i suggest for those who are not yet doin their medical to go to slec not very early, to avoid some incident that we dont know might happen.. like dont walk on the street of ermita so early.. u can walk in at slec maybe 7am and in the afternoon too.. and dont go to slec monday bcoz for sure there will be lots of people doin the medical, so for me much better to go at slec after monday... ;)

i was sent to St. Luke's Medical Center bcoz the dermatologist's clinic is there, where i met 4 girls and they are also processing K1, sofa visa... they dont know VJ so i suggested to them to register also on that helpful site. i heard some of them paid much money bcoz they have serious skin problem that need them to under-go laboratory and other stuff... but she told me i dont have problem with my skin just that my skin is sensitive and was irritated bcoz a little portion of my right arm got dry and it was irritated when i scratched it. i have a cream that i am using and good that it is correct but she still gave me a cream to help regulate my skin and she instructed me to stop using it if i see that the portion is ok. she told me to change my soap to mild soap, use my cream for a week. that's all and i paid for the check up fee and for the cream she gave me.on monday afternoon the dermatologist's report will be at slec hands.

ok here's what happened to my second day medical...

i arrive at slec building 15 mins. before 8am my schedule time for my psych evaluation.. i showed the guard my receipt and he told me to proceed again to window M (Mr. Clark), and he asked me about what happened to my visit to the dermatologist and he told me i dont see anything to ur right arm hehehe... yeah coz it is really so small.... and he instructed me to proceed to 5th flr. to pay for the psych evaluation... and then i waited my name to be called for psychiatric evaluation... when my name called i was accompanied by the lady guard to proceed to 6th flr. where the room of the psychiatric doctor is located.. he only asked my name... about my family.. like name of my parents.. their occupation... how many siblings do i have.. and he read my paper.. and that's all.. he told me there is nothing wrong with u.. in fact your X-partner is the one who has a disorder... but it is a public document he said and the embassy knew about it... he knew that i was given a disorder too just to annulled my marriage and now i know the reason why we petitioner really need to repeat again the psych test... bcoz we need to prove that we dont have disorder and as i said he really told me.. i dont see anything wrong with u and he is smiling at me and say... kau tlgang mga bata kahit ano pinalalagay sa annulment doc. basta ma-annulled lang kau hehehehe.. i paid 1,000 for that evaluation and my gosh i was interviewed only for less than 3 mins... awhile ago i was talking to the dr. who will gonna give me the PEPS and she scheduled me tomorrow morning... then after two weeks that is the time i can do my vaccination... and i am done... but of course i am ready for this already bcoz i know from the start that maybe, i might encounter these procedures, read lots of cases before so that's ok with me.. what i really prayed so much is for me not to have the sputum.. bcoz it will give me so much delays... and thank God i dont need to do it....

after i had my evaluation i met ate rea manalo broughton, if i am not mistaken ehhee.. she is nice... but we just met at slec she is done with her med., she just had her immunization this morning and me i went straight to PRISM to do my seminar...

BTW i had a cesarean operation but they didnt ask for any record operation...

3rd day medical, April 15, 2011

i did my psychological test at PEPS clinic located in Que. City, it was a battery of test, 850 items, T/F, Y/N, flash cards, one on one interview, question answer portion, puzzle, what is the missing part, math, abstract, and making stories regarding the pictures that the dr. gave me. Its a whole day test, and i paid for it for 3,000. They are the one who will gonna forward it to SLEC after two weeks, and that is the time i can do my vaccination.

Fees: 9,174- medical fee

1,200- dermatologist fee and cream

1,000- psych evaluation

3,000- psych test


i went to PRISM to do my CFO seminar, it went good... they gave us hand outs and pay for 150 pesos for that... the seminar's fee is 250 pesos.. but goin back after i have my visa to get my cert. and sticker... sticker's fee will be 400..and these are the list of my requirements i brought with me...

1. Copy of my annulment docs. and my fiance's divorce decree
2. Few pics together
3. Docs. like BC, CENMAR, NBI- photocopy only
4. Copy of passport of my passport and copy of my petitioner's passport
5. Fee: 250- seminar; 400- sticker
6. 2x2 pic US passport size- 3 pcs.
7. 2 valid IDs

Arrival Date here in USA: July 12, 2011
Wedding: July 15, 2011- Civil Wedding, Lawton, OK City Hall
Appointment to a CS: July 21, 2011
Backed to CS: July 25, 2011-got my sealed I-963, no need for vaccination
Apply SSN: July 27, 2011
Arrived SSN Card: Aug. 1, 2011
AOS Filed: Aug. 25, 2011
EAD Filed: Aug. 25, 2011
Packet Received by USCIS: Aug. 29, 2011
E-not. for my AOS and EAD and NOA 1 Dated: Sept. 1, 2011
Biometric Notice: Sept. 2, 2011 (orig. sched. Sept. 23, 2011- 10 am OKC)
Biometric-Walk-in: Sept. 20, 2011
AOS case was Transferred to CSC : Sept. 29, 2011
AOS case was Transferred to USCIS: Oct. 5, 2011
Service Request for EAD and EAD Card Production: Nov. 2, 2011
EAD Card Arrived: Nov. 12, 2011
CSC called me: Feb. 13, 2012
AOS Approved: Feb. 24, 2012
AOS Updated my case status online: Mar. 1, 2012
USCIS sent my PRC: Mar. 5, 2012
Welcome Letter Received: Mar. 5, 2012
Passed my DMV: Mar. 6, 2012
GC and TDL on hand: Mar. 7, 2012
K2 was approved: April 17, 2012
K2 visa was issued: April 20, 2012
K2 Visa on-hand: April 26, 2012

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Posted 30 May 2011 - 02:29 AM

hi julie,

thanks for your posting expirience, i read almost and it was very hard for me when i do this! but i keep and keep doing hard to learned more about my coming medical and interview this year julie, hope i doit like you got success! hmmmm anyway i have something to ask to you and hope you reply and i know u help me like the way you help more. first one about my vaccines ,, i dont have my all records when i was a child and how did i take that for now it is all included for medical exam??hmmPosted Image i think nextime nalang my others question.. thanksPosted ImagePosted Image

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